Thursday, March 11, 2010

They gave me a party at work!

So actually for weeks I've been gearing myself up for disappointment. Considering that for five years running my birthday has been summarily ignored, I did *not* expect that any deal was gonna get made about me getting married. But since they do tend to have a shower-type-thing for, like, everyone else who gets married, it at least occurred to me. It popped in there, I automatically assumed it wasn't happening for me, and I started bracing myself for the letdown. This is how my brain works.

So when I went upstairs for the meeting last week, imagine my surprise when the room was full of half the office, flowers, and a cake. I'm not gonna lie - it had crossed my mind that the "meeting" was just a rouse to get me up there. Especially since it was in the big nice conference room. But I thought I was just being ridiculous thinking such things. I always think everything is about me, after all. So I had insurance: I prepared like hell for that meeting.

But this time it was! It really was! It was for me!! One of the girls from my department even baked me a vegan chocolate cake. And it was good! It was really thoughtful. They had taken a collection and gotten me one of those am ex gift card things, and the amount is nothing to sneeze at. The whole thing was well timed, as I was beginning to really hate the hell out of this place and the people in it. I was also having a really hard time walking that day, but the surprise cheered me up enough that I didn't have to go home early like I thought I would. Maybe they need to give me surprise parties more often... or maybe I just need to stop being such a pessimistic hater. :)


Vegan TV Presenter said...

What a lovely thought to make you a vegan cake! I hope your week goes well and you have a great day!x

lopsidedpigeon said...

Can I just say you look really adorable in that argyle sweater? Well, you do.