Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A little relief... are y'all gonna take bets on how long it sticks?

I am happy to report that "the photographer situation" seems to be resolved. Today I got to have a nice long chat with our replacement photographer - she seems charming and fun, and like she'll get a kick out of me and Jon and our goofy selves. (Already I know she is somewhat psyched about my crazy hair and my blue dress.) And from what I can tell the head honcho bossman is going to treat us fairly as far as pricing, et cetera. So.

*consciously lowers shoulders from their stations next to ear lobes*

So until I find my next crisis, everything seems to be going pretty smoothly. An undergarment-and-shoe shopping trip is scheduled for this Sunday with my maid-of-witness Miss Monica - she being much wiser in girlythings than I am. Maybe that day I'll put on makeup before I go out and see how it weathers. I am nothing if not a multitasker.

Last night we worked out seating arrangements for the rehearsal dinner. Today I sent the final version of the ceremony to the officiant. Maybe tonight I'll play with paper things? Place cards, guest book cards, thank you notes?

Yes indeed, moving right along.

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