Friday, January 1, 2010

So what the hell is going on with this wedding?

Well I'll tell you. Not much. The truth of it is you haven't really been hearing from me because I've had little to no energy to put into the wedding in the past few months - my crap health and ridiculous job have been taking pretty much all I've got, and you throw the holidays on top of that and, well... there you go, two months of no blogging.

So let me think. What haven't you heard about? Well I think I need to fill you in on the dress saga. I believe you know that I ordered the dress. Great! Hooray! There was that silly freakout when I discovered it was going to arrive in October instead of December and I was all, but I'm not ready for it yet! Well, thank god I opened the box instead of letting it sit around, because when I did open it I found a perfectly lovely dress... with a three inch pen mark on the skirt. Mmm hmm.

OK. So the dress went back. And a couple of weeks later I got it back, supposedly "fixed." What did I find? ZOMG, complete nightmare. To "fix" the dress, they had cut out a panel from the front of the skirt, leaving the skirt with two new seams running down the front that weren't there before. But the big issue was the box pleats.

One of the main features of the dress is a row of inverted box pleats running beneath the sewn in waist band. They're quite prominent. These had to be taken out and sewn back in to replace the panel of fabric. Well, they were sewn back in badly. And I mean BADLY. Each one was a different size, measurable in half inches! The one on the right was nearly a full inch narrower than the one on the left, and the whole series was totally off center. Now, had this been some secondhand dress off of Ebay, that'd be one thing. It wasn't. Feel me?

OK. So needless to say, that dress too went back. So there I was, pretty much exactly four months out from the wedding, with no dress. This is ungood. Many dressmakers won't even take an order with less than four months' lead time. So - and you're going to think I'm crazy - I reordered the dress from the same company, in a different color so that it would be impossible for any part of the original dress to be used in the new one. I did so on the guarantee that it would be personally inspected by the sales woman I'd been corresponding with.

The dress shipped out on December 30; it's scheduled to arrive on January 7. Let's just say that if it arrives effed up, I may fly to California just to bitch slap somebody.

Hmm. Other stuff. The shoes I ordered in October finally arrived. I wasn't thrilled with the fabric, but so it goes. Well, I wore them around the house for an hour and the fabric has already begun to separate from the sole and shred. So much for handmade quality. I haven't contacted the Etsy seller I got them from yet because, lord help me, I haven't got the strength.

Invitations will be going out sometime in the next two weeks... though before that can happen I still need to figure out how to get return addresses on the envelopes.

I'm still just so thankful to the woman who made my flower stuff - that remains the ONE THING that I haven't had to do at least twice! Fleur Rouge, I will love you for ever and ever. Now everyone put your collective energies together and pray for me that nothing bad happens to them when I ship them down to NO! I will be in a slight panic from the moment they leave my possession until my mom calls me to say she received an un-crushed box.

So that's all for now folks. Soon I hope to talk with my caterer about using some recipes I have to, say, bake us a vegan wedding cake and/or cupcakes, and maybe some more exciting menu options... I'll let you know how that goes.



Anonymous said...

Oh my word you poor love! Must say I'm totally intruiged as to what colour your gown is going to be! Our flat is so small I have to put gigiantic socks over my shoes to break them in so my fiance won't see them... it has only just occurred to me that he may actually think this is what they look like...hope things get easier for you chickie!!

melissa bastian. said...

Sock shoes - I love it! I have to say that though it has been a struggle, most of the big pieces are in place now. Still so many details to take care of, but a lot done too... man, weddings. :P