Thursday, January 28, 2010


I can hardly believe it, but I saw it with my own eyes. I, in fact, made it happen. Last night, at approximately 11:30 p.m., all 51 square green envelopes got dropped into the big blue mailbox up the block from our apartment. That's right people. THE INVITATIONS ARE IN THE MAIL!

Man, if there has ever been a more complicated invitation mess, I don't even want to hear about it - I think it would just make me nauseous to think about.

The saga:

Designed invites for the NY wedding, were having them printed, had to stop them in mid-production and lose my deposit because oops! No New York wedding. Designed NOLA wedding invitations, got them printed. But they had to be reprinted because of a margins issue, and then because of said issue the invites then didn't fit into the nice printed envelopes. (I *told* the printer this was going to happen, and he was all, no! It'll be fine! Needless to say, I was not pleased. Did he offer to rectify? Mmmno.) So then had to get new envelopes, and then what to do about a return address? OK, got an embosser.

Went to finally assemble, only to discover that my reply cards didn't fit into the envelopes either! (My fault on that part - they were a holdover from the original invites and I just never thought to check. The difference was like an eighth of an inch. Aarg.) So out came the exacto knife to cut 51 postcards down to size.

And OMG the stamps! Went to the post office - you know, the government run business-type organization responsible for distributing mail - to ask them what denomination of stamp to put on a square envelope. "Well how much does it weigh?" "It's just a normal invitation - just a couple pieces of paper. It's not heavy. It's just like a letter in a square envelope." "Well we'd need to know how much it weighs." "Isn't there just a standard upcharge for a square envelope, for the handling fee because it can't run through the machine?" Between three postal employess they still couldn't figure it out. Finally, "Well, I have this one stamp with a wedding cake on it for 61 cents." "Do you think that might be the one for a square envelope?" "Well I don't know..." Got online later to find that, oddly enough, yes, there is a 17 cent upcharge for a square envelope. Go figure.

And then stamps for the reply cards! Those we ordered online, and four days later they still hadn't arrived. So I stood in line for half an hour last night to buy a few sheets of the same stamps I'd ordered. I arrived home to find that... the stamps had arrived.

But none of this matters anymore. You know why? Because THE INVITATIONS ARE IN THE MAIL! I am, of course, saying a little prayer to the postal gods that nothing crazy happens to them in transit. I worked hard for those little squares!


Vegan TV Presenter said...

I did a dance of joy in the Post Office when mine were done, Freeeeedom!! Course then half didn't turn up (hundreds of handmade invites-did I cry? Yes!! The ones to Africa actually turned up but the ones to Yorkshire (only two hundred miles away) took a month! Anyway short story made long but I am feeling your pain trust me! Love this blog!x

melissa bastian. said...

OMG, VTV, that sounds positively painful!! I think I would have died. There definitely would have been a lot of crying. Wow, you handmade all of your invitations?! That is supercool. I thought of doing something like that, but then decided it would be too much work. Of course, given all the troubles I ran into I don't know that I didn't end up doing just as much work anyway! :P

Yeah, I'll be under a certain level of anxiety until I start hearing from people that they were received... said...

Awesome, I'm glad you got them sent out even if it did sound like there was some drama along the way!

It makes me really glad we decides to send e-mail invites with links to our website where they could read most of the info. We mainly did this because we're planning our wedding in 6 weeks and it just seemed much quicker and easier! If we'd had the time it would've been fun to design and make our own paper invites.

It's 3 weeks today until the wedding, I should probably get on with organising rather than reading blogs!