Saturday, January 2, 2010

I swear, they practically broke my arm.

It was brutal and vicious, they way they just absolutely tortured me!

OK, no, not really. It was actually just firmly suggested that Jonathan and I really and truly need a "real" registry. I've been fighting this, and hard. Why?
  • we don't need or want china, silver, whatev
  • we'd rather people spend money on the nonprofits we've told them about
  • we don't have anywhere to put more stuff anyway...
Et cetera. But then x-mas came, and there was the big box from my ma. And what did it contain? Toasting flutes. Apparently she did not recall the several extensive conversations we had wherein I explained that 1) I really have no desire for that kind of gift, and 2) Jon and I had already spent an excruciating two days finding toasting flutes that he and I actually both like.

And that was the proverbial straw. So, yeah, we did it. We have three small registries now - we even did the one at Macy's. Man, the girl there *really* did not know what to think of us. "Are you excited?!" "No, not really..." "Don't you want to register for some china placesettings and some silver?!?!" "Um, no." (Don't get me wrong. We were nice to her. But we were in hysterics over their little pre-printed sheet of suggestions. They seem to be under the impression that all newlyweds are, like, Kennedys or something?)

I did actually register for a few pieces of china - not placesettings - just pieces. What? IT'S GOT BIRDS ON IT.

We'd still prefer if people donate for us, or maybe contribute to the honeymoon registry that we thought would do the trick for people. ("No, people want to give you something that you'll see every day!" says my got-married-two-years-ago friend. She seems to be correct.) But hey, we like opening presents too. What we're *really* hoping is that someone will get Jon a gravy boat...


Kim said...

glad you listened to me :)

melissa bastian. said...

Didn't want to name names but... yeah, thanks Kimmy. :D