Saturday, November 14, 2009


Alright, after all of my nonsense last month, it's about time you heard some good news for a change. Which is that the flowers - they have arrived! (Yes, they're silk. Or should I say, "silk", because obviously they're not actually silk.) And this is the first thing that came right the first time! I am so psyched! Of course, I didn't order enough boutonnieres, but that shouldn't be a biggie. They're the smallest, least expensive thing - I'm pretty sure my lady will be able to crank out two more before March. Everything came from Fleur Rouge, a one woman company working out of California. She was super awesome to work with. She answered all of my questions quickly, has great prices, and even designed custom pieces for me to incorporate our wedding flowers!

Yeah, I'm excited about flowers. What of it?

When they weren't here after work yesterday, I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't see them until Monday. But lo and behold, Saturday morning at 8am they show up! Go fig. And they're so pretty! They make me want to, I dunno, sit quietly and contemplate being a bride, or something? I finally understand those goofy closeups of the bouquet that you always see. I don't know if I get the shoe thing yet, but once I finally get my custom-made shoes, I'll probably want photos of those too, god help me.

I've been instructed by a good friend who possesses significantly more tact than I do that I should not go around posting photos of all of the pretty details. So I'm just gonna tease you with this little snippet. :P Don't worry, once this whole shebang is over, you are going to see more photos of this event than you have ever wanted to see of anything ever in your whole entire life... ever. Promise.


Anonymous said...

Updates! We need updates!!!!

melissa bastian. said...

You're right, it's been way too long! Things have been hectic. I will try to post very soon!