Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Slowly but surely I am loved... and not actually all that slowly.

So, as it turns out of course I was just being my jump-the-gun self. Have I gotten 51 enthusiastic responses to my 51 envelopes? Of course not; no one would, not even the most popular girl in the world I don't think. But what I have gotten is acknowledgment from my nearest and dearest - well from almost all of the girls anyway. Not from the boys, but can I really ask for miracles? The day a boy emails me about a piece of stationery, I will pass out with amazement.

Jonathan keeps telling me that people have lives, people are busy. Even if they are thrilled about our upcoming nuptials and delighted to be invited, and even if they have every intention of dropping a line, it doesn't mean it's going to happen. I keep thinking of all the times I have managed to say the nice thing about the thing that's happening that I want to recognize... but when I'm honest with myself, I also remember all the times that I haven't (but really meant to!). We all do this.

So really the question is not, why am I not good enough to deserve their love and attention. The question is, why isn't the love and attention of my core of friends, who have proved themselves true for years, enough for me? It certainly isn't for any lack of valuing them! They're the family I'm not related to. I would drop anything at any moment for any one of them - as most of them have done for me at one time or another. I consider myself lucky to have built this group, and if they were the only people to show up at the wedding from my part of the guest list I'd be in great company.

I'm telling you, I'm making a list for this week's session.


JennShaggy said...

Goodness yes...she was elated:) Our (indeed matching) rings are being re-sized, but as soon as they're back, I'll post them.


melissa bastian. said...

Jenn - that's super awesome. I so want to see them! I recently wrote a big article on different things that people can do with engagement rings, how the diamond solitaire is great if that's what you want, but it's not the end-all-be-all only engagement ring in the world... so anyway I'm always fascinated to see peoples' rings! And I'm always happy to hear about people being happy! Rings are shiny and pretty; a partner for life is... wow, a partner for life! What's the word even? Monumental? That's one of 'em anyway. :)

Tamarinara said...

kim and I talked a bunch about coming to your wedding this weekend! you are loved by us!! the 4 well... 5 with baby are coming down together then renting a car together. we are exited!

melissa bastian. said...

I'm excited that you're excited! And in case there was any question, you're naturally some of the people I'm referring to when I say there's people who I'm lucky to have in my life... oy, must stop before getting any more choked up... :D

Anonymous said...

I have to say M that you do deserve all of the fuss in the world! Of course you want people replying to you! You are obviously very loving and thoughtful and should have all of that returned. I'm totally rooting for you and I know it will all come right. I love your wedding blog! Cx