Wednesday, October 7, 2009

OMG total panic.

OK, so I put in the dress order, right? And they were so nice, and they got my fax, and they called me up and were like, standard shipment time is three months from the date of order, so we have you set for a shipment date of December 15. Great! More than enough time to do whatever I gotta with it.


So why did I just get a UPS shipment notification?! That says that I'm supposed to get a package by MONDAY??!!!

At this point you may be wondering why I'm upset about this. Um. I hope you're not looking for some kind of logical, rational answer. (If you are you're most definitely about to be disappointed.) See... I'm not ready to deal with the dress yet! Where the hell am I going to put it? Do I try it on? I haven't ordered the shoes or the crinoline yet! I'm going to be writing summary judgment oppositions at work until Thanksgiving... seriously, I do not have time do deal with this. Until December! December was perfect! And now they've gone and made my dress in three weeks instead of three months. What the hell?!

Jonathan is convinced that this is not a problem. He's all, it would only be a problem if the dress was late. What does he know? He's Mr. Along-For-The-Ride on this thing. He hasn't even started looking at suits yet. Is he the one trying to get all the save the dates addressed and mailed out? No. Aaaggghhh.

I think if I had gotten this email while I was out and about, I may have actually had a panic attack.

Maybe a smartphone isn't such a good idea for me after all.


Kim said...

Take some deep breaths!!! Jonathan is right (this is why he is so perfect for you), it's no big deal. When you get the dress, just stick the box in the closet. Open it in December when you had planned on it arriving and deal with it then. If you can't handle it being in the house, give it to someone else to hold on to until you are ready for it. Are you breathing more normally now?

melissa bastian. said...

I know, I'm a spazola.

I only panicked for like half an hour... that's not *so* bad is it? But leaving it in a box for that long makes me nervous!

I did order my shoes last night, so I feel like I'm getting something done. And they're so cute! :) But my save the dates are still sitting on my end table, where they've been for a MONTH, waiting for me to finish addressing them... :-/ aarg.

Kim said...

Did the dress come? And address those save the dates!!! I have some major planning to do for this trip! :)