Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jonathan, you're not allowed to read this post. (I did it - I ordered The Dress!)

Alright, so after a year of obsessing on the internet and months of debating, it's done. The order is in. My wedding dress is ordered! It's something I was so anxious about before I found the dress I loved, but now that I've found it and ordered it I'm just so excited. Right now, the wedding is just under six months away. By the time the dress arrives, it will only be three months! And my bouquet should arrive in November... If my mother would ever get me the frickin' addresses, I could get the save the dates sent out... Yeah, it's happening now. It's really happening.

Anyway. About the dress. I'm totally psyched. For anyone who might care to know, it's Aria dress style #141. And in the satin, it's only $185. Most girls spend more than that on alterations! Hell, I may end up spending more than that on alterations. Hopefully not; I should just need a hem and a press. Their stuff fits me wonderfully. I know I showed you some pictures already, but you want to see them all, don't you? I thought you did. Just keep in mind that it will be a light blue dress with a cornflower sash. Use your imagination. You can do it.

This is when I'd first put it on. I was feeling a little awkward. But I warmed up to it pretty quickly.

The dress is an illusionist! It makes me look like I have a small waist! I'm telling you, it's like magic.

Just in case you're wondering? Yes, that IS a pocket. Totally awesome right?

Now, with the sash. They only had the navy pleated one, which is totally not what I'm getting.
Over-the-shoulder cheesy 70's pose anyone?

Yup, I gotta lotta hair. There's even more of it now.

Will the non-symmetry of these tattoos ever stop bothering me? Probably not. Suggestions anyone?

I need to order my petticoat. And my shoes!

OK, for color reference, something a little like this:

I mean, not quite, but maybe you get the idea?

Yeah, I'm in dress love. Totally weird right? Trust me, it would be if you knew me. Especially if you've known me for more than about five years - if you knew me back in the combat boots, septum ring, parts (or all) of my head shaved days. Big floofy dress with a petticoat? Even for a wedding, it's kind of like woah.

But whatever. I'm seriously excited! (Just, you know, in case you couldn't tell.) There are still a lot of things to take care of, and some of them are stressing me out. This dress is becoming my wedding happyplace. Every girl wants to be pretty on her wedding day - wants to feel pretty. And I think I will. In a way it's like having the proper armor with which to go into battle - not that I'm really thinking of the wedding as any kind of fight... maybe it's more like being properly prepared to enter unknown territory?

Jonathan and I will stand there, I in my dress and he in his suit, holding each other's hands and gaining strength from one another. And they'll take pictures. And in the end it won't even matter what we're wearing, we'll just be so damn happy to be with each other... and of course the champagne won't hurt. ;)

3 comments: said...

You'll totally be feeling pretty in this on your wedding day, you look gorgeous.

I think I'll be going for something similar but perhaps knee length as I'm really short so long doesn't work so well on me!

Kelly said...

Okay, I just moseyed on over here from your food/VeganMoFo blog, and I just have to say - a wedding dress with pockets?! GENIUS. Absolute genius.

Tamarinara said...

oh my god you look amazing in that dress!!!