Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Long, LONG overdue update.

So, you may be interested to know that I am indeed wearing my ring. Yepper. Have been for a couple of weeks now - I'm just a big dumb jerk that never tells y'all anything anymore. (Or that works 50 hours a week - you decide. Of course, I'm stealing work time to write this.) So how, prey tell, did the glittery thing return, you ask? Well I'd already decided that there was no way I'd face my mother in August without it. So thank goodness he didn't make me just steal the damn thing off his desk.

No, he gave it back all on his own. It was on the first day of summer - or, I guess technically, the day before that. We had planned to go to the Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, which is where he had wanted to do it apparently. But up by us it was drizzling and dreary, and down there on the Brooklyn coast it was pouring rain punctuated with lightning strikes and thunder. So we decided to wander through the more gentle rains of Central Park instead.

We held hands beneath our umbrellas and watched brass animals dance around the clock of the zoo. (No ring.) We saw the clouds part to allow a momentary sunbeam to shine down upon the angel fountain on the plaza next to the boat pond. (No ring.) We had a makeshift picknic, huddled at the outdoor tables next to the little pool where sometimes fathers and sons can be found sailing elaborate toy sailboats, but that day only held disgruntled ducks. (No ring.) We wandered up to and through The Met, which has just re-opened it's Greek and Roman wing, bigger and better. (No ring.) And finally we straggled off to dinner at Gobo.

And then, suddenly, ring! He said to me, I really think you should have this back. I said to him, what does it mean? It means what it always meant. Which is? That I want to marry you. He asked if that made me happy. I told him that the ring was very sparkly and beautiful; that it was being a step closer to knowing that he actually wants me as his wife that makes me happy.

That's round about when the waiter brought champagne. (He had noticed the sparkly ring.)

So there ya go. We're plugging away on our New Orleans plans; I'm focusing on how to (vegan-ly) feed people at the moment. It's gonna happen. Really!

Yeah. It's really gonna happen - all of it.


Tamarinara said...

YAY! Congratulations again!

melissa bastian. said...

Thanks T! :D Just think, in a few months you'll be standing with me in my parents' backyard, I'll be wearing an enormous dress, and we'll be drinking champagne... oh, right, and i'll be a freaking married woman!