Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So a while back I designed potential invitations. I really liked them, and Jon really liked them, and they're totally different than most of what you see out there. So what else do we need really?

Lately I've been debating as to how to make them exist in physical reality. Get a polymer plate made, take another letterpress class at SVA, and print them myself? Very pricey, with debatable results. Get a stamp made? Somewhat pricey for what it is, and very very debatable results. Have them silkscreened? Much less hands on, and not a process I know that much about; also possibly a bit pricey.

So I arrived at: Just print them out on my own damn home printer? After running through the realities of the options, I'd actually decided to just print them myself at home. They looked good, not great, but good doing it this way, and really who am I trying to impress? Our moms will think they're beautiful no matter what we do, and apparently you heathens just throw these things away anyway.

Well, I was alright with that. But there was a little bug at the back of my head saying, will you really be happy with that? And my instinctive answer was, repeatedly, no. No but it's fine, no but who cares, no but it's not a big deal. But then I thought, wait a minute. I'm not doing much that's very fancy for this wedding. My dress will almost definitely come in at under $500. I'm not getting flowers, and I'm barely decorating. I'm not getting makeup done, lord knows, and I probably won't even have my hair done. I deserve to splurge somewhere, don't I? And isn't paper the most logical place for me to do it?

So I started poking around etsy for people that do letterpress. Because I'm in love with letterpress (because I've done it before, not because it's some new trend, which I didn't realize until recently). All the big houses do it now - William Arthur and the like - but even if I was willing to give them my money (which I'm not), they probably wouldn't print my design. No, to do it at all meant to find people, real human beings, who do letterpress for the love of it and would be willing to get a polymer plate made of my design and print from there.

Well, it didn't take long to stumble upon Paper Stories Letterpress out of Chicago. I wrote to them last night, and they'd written back by the time I got up this morning. They said that the job sounded "simple enough", and even gave me a price quote. After a few back-and-forths with them this morning, I've decided that I love them. Jon agrees, and we're totally going this route.

I'll still print the announcements myself (probably), and the programs and the save the dates and the rehearsal dinner invites and everything else. But this is my indulgence: real letterpressed invitations, of my own design. They'll use paper that's cotton rag, some of it recycled, ink that's synthetic which they feel is most eco-friendly, and do it all using renewable energy sources. They have a whole page on their site about their eco-decisions. Like I said, I love them.

So I'm excited. Yes, I know that the wedding is still a year and a half away and it's a bit early to be ordering invitations. I don't care. Saving some catastrophic event, the venue isn't going to change, so what difference does it make? (Ahh, now I've gone and cursed myself. Oh well. We knew I was gonna do it sometime.)

Next mission to tackle: the dress...

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