Thursday, September 4, 2008

Back on the horse.

OK. I'm in wedding planning mode again. I've got a new ceremony setup in mind that would make it pretty much impossible to have more than one attendant each. Perfect right? I think so... just as long as it will work as far as the furniture is concerned, which I don't have the proper measurements to determine just as of yet.

There are still a million details to work out. I still have a year and a half, so that should be alright. We've been trying to figure where in the space we want each part of the evening to play out, and how; trying to design table and chair arrangements and such. That should be hammered out before I talk to caterers - I want to go in with a very clear vision of what I want, so as not to get blindsided into craziness. Soon I might schedule a cake tasting... because I want to taste some damn cake. And I'm thinking about going on a dress hunt. For most other things, it's still too early.

I have lingering feelings that it's a little bit insane to have a wedding, and that it's really something that other people do, and I'm worrying about who won't bother to show up. But I guess I'm going to have to suck it up. I want to do this thing, when it comes down to it, and it would break both mothers' hearts not to at this point. Especially Jonathan's; he's an only child, and with any luck this will be his only marriage. So. Suck it up I shall. I'll throw a pretty party, and between the importance of the event and the people who do show up and appreciate it all, I should be able to ignore any other nonsense. Right?

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