Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Ring!

Below is the G-rated, family approved version of why my betrothed and I chose not to purchase a traditional ring, and why in fact I refuse to give a large sum of money to a jeweler that deals in regular diamonds these days. Here's the UN's version of what's going on with conflict diamonds. Here's a more colorful tale of child soldiers that have gotten caught up in the rebel action - distinctly NOT G-rated, reader beware. And of course, this doesn't even breach the topic that mining is incredibly environmentally destructive... Soon I'll tell you the story of getting my fancy ring, which is a whole other story indeed.

* * * * * * * * * *

On Saturday, May 24th, Melissa received her "real" engagement ring from Jonathan. The ring was custom ordered, and so had not arrived on time for the anniversary engagement. But no matter. The ring is special in many ways, reflecting our unique, non-traditional style as well as our values as a couple.

Due to various recent socio-political and ecological issues, we didn't want a ring that was made with either mined stones or metals. Luckily we happened upon GreenKarat, a company that specializes in making stunning pieces of jewelery from lab created gems and recycled precious metals. The ring we chose contains three stones: a sapphire in the center with a diamond flanking each side. All three stones are blue... like Jonathan's eyes. The color comes from trace elements not always found within the minerals; the sapphire is blue due to traces of titanium and iron, while the diamonds contain traces of boron. (Geology rocks!) The result is a beautiful, lustrous ring set in shiny, gorgeous, recycled white gold.

Melissa couldn't be happier with the ring's origins or its appearance, and Jonathan just seems relieved to have the darned thing on her finger. As far as sparkly things go, though, he seems to think it's pretty alright. It's a beautiful symbol of our relationship in many ways, simultaneously classic but unique, delicate but durable. The three stones are said to represent past, present, and future; with any luck our future together will hold as much beauty.

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