Monday, May 19, 2008

it's officially official! well... sort of.

so... it's done! he asked! friday the 16th was our second anniversary, and what better time to make a proposal? and it was adorable and we're very, very happy. i've begun really telling people, which is fun.

the catch? the real ring's not here yet. the complications in getting it ordered led to it not being here on time for the anniversary. so i am wearing a ring on the appropriate finger, but it's not the ring. but that's alright... because he asked, and he meant it, and he's happy and excited, and that's all i've really been wanting these past few months. and... because it means i get two proposals! and, you know, i'm cool with that.

friday's proposal was intentionally low key. it was a big stressful event at the start of a big stressful weekend - i had my first open studios event happening on saturday and sunday. so we decided that fancy wasn't the right way to go, since it's not really how we roll and especially since we didn't / don't have the real ring yet. instead, we went to our favorite vegetarian diner on 14th street. there, we know the waiters, we like the music, and their vegan mexican chocolate milkshakes kick ass.

one of the funnest features of Curly's Vegetarian Lunch is that they provide their patrons with paper placemats and crayons, to keep busy until the disco fries arrive. after we'd ordered our meals, jonathan mentioned that he was stressed, and i said i was a bit nervous too. but that we shouldn't be stressed, only happy. and so, upside down to me and rightside up to him, on his placemat i wrote "no stress, only happy." and he said, alright, and on my placemat he wrote, "ok - will you marry me?" with my stomach doing backflips, he said it out loud, i of course said yes, and he put the ring on me. what can i say? it worked for us.

this saturday should be the fancy proposal. we'll get spiffed up and go to Blossom on the west side, high class and whatnot. it will be more stressful due to fancyness and the presence of expensive jewelry, but also less stressful because we're actually already engaged. so really it should just be fun, and i can't wait. i want my sparkly thing! but i've already got my man, the man, my partner and future husband, and that blows most anything else out of the water... ugh, look at that, i've turned myself into a pile of mush.

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