Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i didn't know time could move this slowly.

finally, finally, FINALLY - after a monthlong comedy of errors involving bullying banks and misbehaving websites, the ring is ordered. i don't know when it will arrive, or when he'll give it to me. the plan is still for it to happen sometime before the end of may. which gives us a lot of time, and not a lot of time, all at once.

in the ordering process he ended up having to get on the phone with the people making the ring. which i think is actually a good thing. i think speaking to the people who will actually fashion the ring has given him more a sense of control over the whole situation, which i think he had lost somewhere in the third week of arguing with Chase about his right to the money in his savings account. have i mentioned that i hate Chase? i hate Chase.

i don't know how he'll do it. last night he was threatening to take me to foodswings and propose there, and have the ring deep-fried into some kind of dessert. now, doing it at foodswings would actually be just fine. i don't need anything fancy, and we went there on our first date. but if he deep-fries my ring, i'm not saying yes until i have a ring that hasn't been deep-fried, and i told him as much. he mentioned that one of his co-workers popped it on a hot air balloon; all night all i could think of was my beautiful shiny ring plummeting towards earth at 32 miles per second per second. oh yes, i would find a way to drop it. we're talking about a girl who can barely walk through a door without some kind of collision with its frame here. don't take me 10,000 feet into the air with anything valuable that you don't plan to replace.

i'll tell you more about the ring once it's actually on my finger. which should be soon. sort of.

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